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I remember vividly the day that changed the way I viewed my spending and saving habits. I was due to pay my 4 (yes, four) credit cards that week. I found myself in the same predicament every month that I didn’t have money to pay even the minimum amount of each card (all were maxed out). At that time, I thought that a higher salary would be the solution to pay off these debts. I even would regularly play the weekly lottery, in the hope that I can win enough to wipe out the credit cards.

That changed one day. I felt a chill slowly crawling through my body. The loan company that I borrowed money from to pay the credit cards sent a goon to collect the delayed payment that I owed them. He went to the place where I worked and looked menacing. I didn’t want any embarrassment and promised to pay in the next two weeks. Since that day, I had vowed to manage my finances and not get into that situation ever again.

So it began. It started with the desire to have more spending money, and not be continuously strapped with debt. The spending money would be channeled instead into my travels. I wanted to travel all the time. In my search for a possible life of travelling, I stumbled on some articles that talked about a couple who retired young and are just travelling. They did this via saving aggressively and investing the saved money.

I read more.

I searched for more ideas that would be applicable to me – a young, single Filipina living and working in Singapore. Most of the case studies I found were in the US or Canada.

Then my plans took shape.

These were my goals: I aim to retire while still young (not at 60), and travel the world full-time. My retirement income will come from rental income and from investments (stocks). This can be achieved if I aggressively save now, while I am a salaried employee. And to aggressively save, I have to live frugally and maintain a budget.

I will share my insights, experiences, and thoughts of my journey here.

Let’s do this.