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Life Goals
Photo by Cristian Álvarez on Unsplash


Inspired by this post  

I will list my annual goals on this page as a means for me to track my progress.

Lifetime Goals:

* Financial Independence
* Have a net worth of US$xxxx (due to privacy reasons, amounts will be redacted)
* Maintain optimal health
* Live freely and simply
* Complete the #CountryChallenge and #Visit198 (2017: 26)

2014 Goals:

1. To lose weight. (Update: Fail. Still a goal in 2017)

2. Downsize
Cheaper flat  (Update: Done, moved to a cheaper flat in 2014-2015)
– Less stuff (clothes, papers, etc) (Update: Fail. Still a goal in 2017)

3. Other streams of income
– Earn online (Update: Fail. Still a goal in 2017)
Invest in stocks (Update: Done, started investing in stocks 2016)

4. Buy property (Update: Done, bought first property in 2014)

2015 Goals: (Did not set)

2016 Goals: (Did not set)

2017 Goals:

* Eliminate bad debts.
* Earn US$ 2,000/month from side hustle
* Save 50%-80% of my after-tax income
* Save for the Emergency Fund (>= 3 times my monthly living expenses)
* Receive US$100 in dividends
* Read 10 books
* Reduce weight to 100lbs
* Walk total of 2,000,000 steps
* Travel to 2 new countries