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Month: September 2016


Hola! So, today I restart my blog. I had a previous version of this site, but it got infected with some weird code. In retrospect, it might actually be good because I can reboot and steer the blog into something more personal yet informative.

I have put in several life goals, and this blog can serve as a documentation of the journey towards those goals.

I aim to #Visit198 countries, as part of my personal #CountryChallenge.

I aim to live frugally, save about 70% of my salary, and be financially independent.

I aim to be financial independent so I can travel full-time.

I aim to be #FitAndFab@40 by eating healthy and exercising regularly.

I like to travel to new places, experience their culture, make new friends, and taste the food.

This is the direction my blog will take. I hope and will persevere to achieve those goals.

Enjoy the ride!